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At NAGA, one simple belief “happy stakeholders offer best returns” has been passed on from our founding fathers to the present generation. Our corporate principle has taken this belief as a guiding philosophy.

The four pillars on which the actual strength of the Company lies are given below:

I. Towards customers

The Company constantly strives to meet every customer’s expectations by exactly understanding his needs and then offering him the best solution. The ultimate aim of the Company is to see every customer is delighted and for achieving this, Company keeps following, friendly flexible approach.

II. Towards vendors

Considering the free market forces at play, Company is always striving for co-existence and co-prosperity involving various suppliers and distributors who are in association for sharing the fruits of commerce based on mutual trust and mutual respect.

III. Towards employees

Employees form the core strength of our business activities – it is always Company’s aim to provide great convenience standards for employees to perform well within the framework of set rules and regulations. Regular interactive sessions are conducted for assisting employees in maintaining and improving upon their living standards.

IIII. Towards stakeholders

Company recognizes the contribution made by different shareholders for its consistent growth. Therefore, great importance is given in meeting the commitments made to the shareholders well in time.  Efforts are on to improve the profitability in all spheres for gaining maximum confidence of the shareholders.