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  Welcome to the House of Naga

With a foundation in the wheat flour trade and flour milling, Naga Limited has spent the last 50+ years growing into a diversified company with divisions that serve the detergents, minerals, power, retail, property, logistics, and food businesses.

Throughout Naga’s history, its flagship company has been and remains Naga Limited Foods.

The Naga Mills division has 5 wheat flour mills with a totally daily milling capacity of 850 tonnes per day. The company`s milling activities have been consolidated into a single strategically located campus in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India. Apart from Dindigul, Naga expands his capacity 200 tonnes per day in Aruppukottai.

When kollur Sreenivasan started his trading business, wheat flour was either imported or brought a great distance from Mumbai, India. Sreenivasan was the local agent of the “Anchor” brand of wheat flour. Due to some misunderstanding with the promoter, he decided to build a flour mill himself.

In 1962, with the commencement of operations at his first flour mill in Chennai, India, Sreenivasan made the transition from a trader to an industrialist. He was quick to capitalize on the misfortune of the local competition and flexible enough to take advantage of business opportunities. Within the first 25 years of business, he expanded his production to seven mills in three locations. Over the next 25 years, the company diversified into detergents, minerals, retail, bakery divisions and much more. Flour mills are completely automated plants supplied by Buhler, Switzerland.

Wheat storage is done in silos. Silo complex stores 64,000 tonnes of wheat, largest in india increasing efficiency in wheat handling.

Naga Foods finished products include sooji, maida, whole wheat flour and bran. Naga's portfolio includes brands such as Naga, Amman, Perumal, Kovil, Diamond, Jupiter, Mercury and Redhills. At present Naga is planning to diversity in speciality flours         

Naga's sales are structured through five channels: retail, bulk, institutional, export and government. Retail covers the small packages ranging from 200 grams to 10 kilograms, which are sold for household consumption through the retail outlets. Whereas Bulk covers the packages from 10 Kgs, 25 Kgs, 50 Kgs, 90 Kgs, which are sold for Hotel, Bakery, etc. Consumption through its Strong 650 Plus Stockist Network .  

Presently, Naga's distribution is reaching the top 46,000 retail outlets in the A&B segments.

NAGA Foods Division uses its own 100% captive power from windmills.